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Bid Management

The bid management stage of a project lifecycle refers to the process of preparing, managing, and submitting bids or proposals to secure a contract for a project. It involves the coordination of various activities and resources to create a compelling and competitive bid that meets the client’s requirements. The primary goal of the bid management stage is to effectively position the organization and its offering to win the project contract. At RIB Software, we offer a wide array of tools to aid you at all project stages.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project

RIB 4.0

Bid Management in RIB 4.0 optimizes the entire process of offer preparation and execution. It allows flexible measurement recording and enables efficient contract and order management, accompanied by seamless performance recordkeeping. The integrated bid management features simplify the entire workflow from proposal submission to successful order execution, ensuring optimal use of both time and resources.

RIB 4.0’s integrated Bid Management features streamline the entire process from bid submission to successful order processing, optimizing the efficient use of time and resources.

  1. Use data-rich insights to prepare quotations and submit competitive bids
  2. Track project contracts and execution performance of every business partner
  3. View plans, documents and correspondence, research addresses and record defects.

RIB 4.0


RIB CX is designed with purpose-built modules that ensure end-to-end control over bid and tender management. With a centralized dashboard, teams are able to manage tenders and contracts, and streamline the bidding process.

RIB CX assembles tender data for commercial managers to initiate bidding, evaluate bids and negotiate contracts. All relevant information is stored in a cloud-based environment so they can track progress and report impact in real-time.

  1. Request and control vital tender documentation with the click of a button
  2. Easily liaise with bidding parties, with all correspondence stored in threaded forms for easy access
  3. Ensure relevant documents are up-to-date with smart addenda management.


RIB Candy

Estimating is one of the key functionalities within Candy. Based on the methodology of First Principle and resource package based Estimating, our solution has the ability to generate powerful tender and resource analysis data. This information seamlessly flows from the tender to the operational stage of a project.

Based on best practice RIB Candy standardises estimating for small, medium, and large companies in the engineering and construction industry, while being updated regularly to meet industry requirements.

RIB Candy combines powerful features into a single user interface offering a wealth of information. Contractors and estimators are able to leverage its versatile platform to quickly produce estimates and quotes to win more bids.

  1. Free format, first principles pricing enabled worksheets – work the way you think!
  2. Improve bid management and success using Master Pricing and Reference Libraries
  3. Run powerful tender and resource analysis
  4. Effectively select and manage sub-contractors though our dynamic Subcontract and Material Adjudicator.

RIB Candy

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