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Business Intelligence

While not technically a separate ‘stage’ – rather an ongoing process throughout the project lifecycle – the Business Intelligence (BI) element of a construction project involves the collection, analysis, and utilization of data to support informed decision-making and optimize various aspects of the project. BI, in construction, is crucial for optimizing project performance, enhancing efficiency, controlling costs, and reducing risk. It empowers project managers and stakeholders to make informed, timely decisions and adapt to changing circumstances as the project progresses.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s fit-for-purpose industry-leading software delivers a complete solution designed to cater to every stage of your AEC industry project


With RIB BI+, you can effortlessly collect, consolidate, analyze, visualize, and share decision-relevant data—all within a centralized Business Intelligence platform.

RIB BI+ empowers planning and construction companies to maximize the utilization of their existing project, product, order, supplier, and company data, enhancing efficiency in daily operations, enabling accurate forecasting, and facilitating effective control.

  1. Effortless integration of various data sources
  2. Seamless monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) through dynamic, interactive dashboards
  3. Secure access to real-time data via desktop, tablet, or smartphone


RIB CanBuild

The integration between RIB Candy, RIB BuildSmart and RIB Connect enables full cost vs. allowable control, on-site collaboration and business intelligence throughout the lifecycle of a project – from estimate to final account.

With resource-level upstream controls, the RIB CanBuild solution provides users with enhanced-budget visibility before any commitments are made. All cost elements, whether direct or indirect—including labour, subcontractors, plant and equipment—are recorded and controlled via a single solution, providing real-time results throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Together Candy and BuildSmart give you complete commercial control from tender to final account. The link between Candy valuations and BuildSmart actuals provides a fast and accurate comparison of the ‘actual vs. allowed’ spend; by quantity, rate and total amount.

  1. This extends into complete subcontractor package management, from adjudication and package award to final accounts
  2. It also includes the management of variation orders, retention, materials on site, contra-charges and more.

RIB CanBuild

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