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C-Level Executive

The C-Level consists of high-level executives or senior leaders within an organization who play a significant role in the decision-making process and overall project strategy. They hold ultimate responsibility for approving budgets, allocating resources and overseeing strategic decisions that directly impact their company’s growth, market position and long-term success. At RIB Software, our solutions empower executives with accurate, real time information.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s purpose-built software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of every stakeholder within the AEC industry

RIB 4.0

Through the integration of all construction processes – spanning project management, estimating, bidding, contract management, scheduling, procurement, and resource management – RIB 4.0 offers executives a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on projects and the overall company. This capability empowers them to make strategic decisions that are both well-informed and data-driven.

RIB 4.0 supports every management level with a precise overview of all key investment figures and projects. These insights enable them to engage in critical thinking and identify potential opportunities or risks, impacting their company’s long-term success.

  1. Get insights into real-time budget and cost visualization
  2. Minimize budget overruns and maximize risks
  3. Drive strategic decision-making for the betterment of both individual projects and the overall company.

RIB 4.0


RIB CX is a comprehensive project management system that allows leadership to connect the dots across all aspects of a project in real-time and increase efficiency by managing all projects in one place.

RIB CX contains a full suite of dashboards and reports that are continuously updated as changes to the project are made. The leadership team can check the status of all areas at a glance, or drill down to see the detail, if required.

  1. Ensure projects are fully compliant with quality requirements
  2. Be confident that projects are within budget
  3. Set up processes that suit the company’s needs with a configurable system.


RIB BuildSmart

RIB BuildSmart’s real-time cost reporting capability ensures that accurate activity-based costings are readily available when required. BuildSmart makes it possible to easily compare actual costs to a project allowable/budget in real-time. This allows for timely management interventions and leads to improved margins and a competitive advantage.

RIB BuildSmart enables executive managers to optimally deliver within the built environment, and enhance their business outcomes by providing:

  1. Advanced, customizable & role-specific dashboards to put you in charge of what you see, and how you see it
  2. Confidence that all stakeholders are referring to the same single source of truth
  3. Direct access to real-time and accurate data to identify and mitigate potential risks.

RIB BuildSmart

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