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PP Construction Ltd

October 20, 2022
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PP Construction Ltd


Civil Engineering



Established in 1994, PP Construction is a British-based contractor that operates across a variety of sectors including commercial, defence, education, infrastructure and retail.

With a hands-on approach to project management, the company believes in partnering closely with clients from the planning stage through to final delivery; this ensures every job is completed safely, on time and budget.

As a result of this ethos, PP Construction not only enjoys sustained success but repeat business from clients such as Balfour Beatty, Croudace Homes and Wates Construction. Today, the company has an annual turnover of £10 million and works on projects ranging in value from £50,000 to £10 million.

The Challenge:

To ensure the successful day-to-day operation of the organisation, PP Construction has to be able to allocate costs correctly to their project and then track the progress of each throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Unfortunately, before 2021, the company utilised a spreadsheet-based system that resulted in siloed information, manual errors and no means to identify—in real time—if a job was losing or making money. On top of this, the business also employed a generic enterprise resource planning solution that was not tailored to the construction industry.

Support has been absolutely incredible – even after-hours. Anytime and every time we have asked or needed support; RIB have been there for us. A quote from the last directors board meeting- ‘These are the most solid figures and best reports we’ve had in 26 years! We didn’t use to know something was wrong until we ran out of money but now, we know before it gets to that and where we are losing it, allowing us to intervene and take corrective action before it’s too late’.

Zoe Perriam, Financial Controller
PP Construction Ltd

The Solution:

As a fully integrated cost management and enterprise accounting system, BuildSmart was put forward to address the challenges encountered by PP Construction. Together with features designed specifically for the construction industry, this software seamlessly consolidates data for real-time insights no matter the stage of a project.

The Result:

With the implementation of BuildSmart, PP Construction is now empowered by a fit-for-purpose solution that harnesses data in real time to unite all stakeholders while covering every phase in the life cycle of a project.

As a result, the company not only enjoys the benefits of a construction-specific solution that aligns with their daily workflow, both in the office and on site, but they are also able to access valuable information from which informed decisions can be made on an operational, commercial and financial basis.

This, in turn, has led to significant cost savings thanks to the solution’s in-depth and detailed reporting, increased collaboration between colleagues who all work from a single source of truth now, and phenomenal peace of mind stemming from superior 24/7 support.

Going forward, PP Construction plan to implement Candy and combine its estimating and project control functionality with BuildSmart, thereby unlocking Change RIB CCS to RIB Software for even greater cost control.

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