Largest Library of Best Practice Dashboards Tailored to the Construction Industry


RIB BI+ provides access to all industry relevant information from different platforms, aggregated and visualized in one central cockpit. With an intuitive interface, RIB BI+ enables all business users to modify existing and create new dashboards in a seamless way. The dashboards comprise abstracted, easy to understand data models for self-service analytics.

Why Choose RIB BI+?

Non-technical users can create new or modify existing dashboards and it requires no coding.

Access to available RIB data, a host of predefined reports and comprehensive dashboards for immediate analysis.

An all-in-one outstanding dashboard with intelligent KPI monitory system tailored to the use cases of the construction industry.

Use both classic thresholds and artificial intelligence to get an automatic overview of important metrics round the clock.

Draw critical business and financial insights by monitoring equipment inventory or evaluating activities on construction site.

Features and Functionality

Alarms Overview

Monitor data sets and track triggered alerts which highlight any unforeseen occurrences or metric discrepancy in the alarm page. RIB BI+ alarms have self-learning capabilities such as neuro-recognition or pattern learning algorithms trained to find patterns, anomalies and seasonality in data.

Dashboard Overview

The dashboards have over 300 KPIs empowering all teams to share insights with other stakeholders. The dashboards are an interactive power point that adapt to any visual appearance; can be viewed as a template; and provides answers to questions in real-time.

Analyzer Overview

Connect data to RIB BI+ to generate insights and save them to the dashboard. The analyzer is broken down into three main areas such as data source structure, chart creator and chart designer to help teams create charts and KPIs easily.

Connect Overview

Connect all data sources to one central point of access. Connect Overview takes into account all data for analysis, generate up-to-date insights and initiate cross data base queries such as comparing sales revenue with customer signup information. These meaningful insights support teams to understand the business easily.

Report Overview

Get an overview of existing reports and standardize or customize reports based on specific requirements. Teams can decrease redundancy, avoid errors in data and generate weekly or monthly reports by setting up automation.

Suitable for


Decision-critical information distributed across different systems, documents, and stakeholders can be assembled in one place—enabling key decision makers in the company to drive insights for the future.

Operational teams

By providing access to all relevant information, RIB BI+ empowers operational teams to be in sync with each other, collaborate and get full transparency into the operational process. Multiple overviews allow operational teams to track metrics and make informed decisions.

Data analysts

An extensive library of best practice dashboards to assess abstracted, polished data in a meaningful way. Analysts can make cross data base queries such as comparing sales revenue and number of customer signups to understand the business.

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