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RIB Candy

From on-screen Quantity Take-Off, Estimating and Project Planning through to final certificate, RIB Candy targets the unique requirements of the engineering and construction industry; providing an interactive link between the Bill of Quantity (BOQ), estimate and program in one exceptional project management solution.


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Why Choose RIB Candy?

Pricing using First Principles Resource-Based Estimating to substantially improve speed, accuracy, transparency and auditability of project estimates.

Know where your numbers come from, how they were calculated, by who and when.

Re-use, repeat and repurpose your estimate data using Candy Master Libraries for fast, reliable and competitive estimates, so you can submit and win more bids.

Powerful tender and resource analysis, planning, forecasting, and ‘cost vs. allowable’ reports.

Powerful features combined into a single-user interface to eliminate departmental silos.

Candy Planning seamlessly links time and money, placing a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Features and Functionality

Quantity Take-Off (QTO)

Candy’s Quantity Take-Off (QTO) module provides an on-screen take-off solution that seamlessly allows you to add or extract quantity information from 2D drawings and electronically compile Bills of Quantities – all fully integrated with Candy’s Estimating and Project controls that enables an accurate foundation for your estimate, progress and final account measurements.

Quantity Take-Off (QTO)


Estimating is one of the key functionalities of Candy. Pricing using First Principles Resource-Based Estimating gives the software the ability to generate powerful tender and resource analysis data. This information seamlessly flows from the tender to implementation stage, to project. Easy to use and easy integration with other related modules (subcontract and supplier adjudication), you can submit bids with efficiency, speed and confidence.



Providing a powerful critical path network designed specifically for the built environment, the planning and scheduling tools within Candy are designed to be used effectively by non-planners and professionals alike. Together with Candy Estimating, a user also has access to cash flow analysis and cost/value forecasts, as well as a variety of resource histograms.



Candy’s Forecasting module provides a convenient facility for forecasting quantities, values and resources for a project. This is made possible through the combination of the estimate, valuation data and time schedule, from the construction program.


Cash Flow

Candy Cash Flow integrates financial modeling and scenario planning to enhance cost and revenue comprehension and management. It seamlessly incorporates data from project estimates and programs, facilitating the application of cash flow parameters such as payment delays, retentions, and cost closure dates. This ensures quick analysis of changes and thorough assessment of the financial impact of cost and income fluctuations.



Candy Valuations provides continuity between Estimating and project commercial control , giving you instant access to all estimate information. This provides the project team with full post-tender commercial control including variation and final account management. This process also delivers an accurate budget/allowable based on the work done to date, insight into over/under claims, and cost to completion.


Subcontract Manager

Candy’s subcontract manager controls progress quantities and provides a rolling subcontract progress update. Candy supplies information on the subcontractor bill together with other costs, claims, contra-charges, materials on site, and variation orders. When integrated with BuildSmart, for the Complete Solution, end-to-end control is achieved; from adjudication and package award through to period measures, payment, and final retention release.


Cost And Allowables

By importing accurate and real-time costs for cost-and-allowable comparisons, Candy simplifies earned value management (EVM) for effective cost control on a project. The EVM functionality within Candy also provides the cost performance index (CPI) and schedule perfomance index (SPI) curves that is used to control and measure the performance of a project. When integrating Candy and BuildSmart for the Complete Solution, real-time cost analysis is possible; providing an accurate and unique ‘cost vs. allowable’ comparison.


RIB Candy Cloud

Scalable desktop-as-a-service solution

Secure data access from anywhere in the world, using any device. Candy Cloud is cloud-based construction software that delivers the perfect balance of data access and security, ensuring that all your business decisions are based on the most up-to-date information. Empower stakeholder collaboration and gain peace of mind with a managed, hosted, centralised database offering.

  • All company project data in one online, centralized database.
  • Dedicated environment for your organization
  • Provide secure, customizable high-level architecture to meet all your data security, access and management needs
  • Full-service management and hosting using centralized databases
  • Device agnostic, global access for all authorized users with no special hardware required
  • Run Candy software & QTO on your iPad or Android Tablet for a seamless multi-user experience
  • Facilitates collaboration and data sharing between stakeholders through enhanced multi-channel integration.

Can you provide accurate answers to business-critical questions in real-time? RIB CanBuild can!

RIB’s complete cost and enterprise management solution, comprising of RIB Candy and RIB BuildSmart, enables you to manage the complete construction process & lifecycle, from quantity take-off and estimating to final accounts and reporting, in one seamless solution.


  • Improved cost and schedule performance and certainty
  • Increased productivity
  • Growth of financial returns with lower volatility
  • Proactive management of project risk

One powerful integrated solution purpose-built with your business in mind


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RIB Candy is an easy-to-use, all-in-one system that offers quick turn-around time on estimates which helps you achieve a higher success rate on budgets, bids and estimates. Its enhanced accuracy reduces your risk of errors and ensures more reliable outcomes. Benefit from the system’s high-speed calculations that enable rapid assessment of alternative strategies.


Experience the convenience of an easy-to-use, all-in-one system designed for effortless scheduling and planning. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual checks. Make more informed decisions with confidence, thanks to precise analysis capabilities. Seamlessly integrate with Estimate for Forecasting and Cashflow.

Commercial & Project Delivery Team

Successfully complete projects on time and within budget using RIB Candy. Benefit from seamless continuity between estimating and post-tender commercial control. Improve your efficiency with timeous, effective and powerful decision-making based on real-time, accurate information … in one click.

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