Digital Spec Management and Collaboration Between Spec Reps and Customers

RIB SpecLive

The all-new SpecLive is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help building product manufacturers get specified more frequently and accurately, and empower specification representatives with the tools they need to have more productive interactions with architects, engineers, and specifiers.

RIB SpecLive Influence

Spec Writing & Distribution

RIB makes life easier for building product marketers who want to improve brand visibility and credibility among architects, engineers, and specifiers. SpecLive Influence puts you in front of design professionals at the point of decision by integrating your products into the industry’s most-trusted specification software.

RIB SpecLive Impact

Spec Reporting & Lead Gen

Analyze how, when and where you’re specified at the exact moment it happens with the industry’s most targeted design-phase reporting. SpecLive Impact helps you measure spec influence, identify high-potential opportunities, and determine where to focus your efforts, empowering sales and marketing with actionable leads.

RIB SpecLive Connect

Spec Integration

As the industry evolves from siloed data and disconnected workflows to connected, digital processes, ensure your product specification data remains intact as the project evolves. SpecLive Connect provides your customers with high-quality guide specs on demand and enables you to connect your website or custom application with SpecLink content, reducing
the time and effort required for design professionals to specify your products.

RIB SpecLive Engage

Project Integration

Design professionals rely on your website for product resources, including technical data and specifications, but don’t have a simple way to integrate your products into their project specifications or have a quick way to request guidance from your product experts. SpecLive Engage is a branded specification editor that makes the specification process easy for your customers — architects, engineers, and specifiers — and enables your experts to support design professionals on their projects.

RIB SpecLive Collaborate

Guide Spec Management & Collaboration for Spec Reps

Opportunities for your Spec reps to serve as “trusted advisor” to design professionals during the editing process represent one of the strongest ways to differentiate your products. SpecLive Collaborate is a purpose-built environment that maximizes the reach of your spec reps as they support architects, engineers, and specifiers.

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