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4. Bridge Colloquium 08.-09.09.2020 Technical Academy Esslingen – TAE

January 1, 2021
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4. Bridge Colloquium 08.-09.09.2020 Technical Academy Esslingen – TAE


This was the title of the two-day bridge colloquium held by RIB at the Technical Academy Esslingen TAE, which presented possible solutions for new bridges or replacement bridges.  These can be used under running traffic, with optimal manufacturing processes and at the same time with little impact on mobility and offer valuable support for solving the current situation within the Federal Republic of Germany. After all, not only numerous new bridges have to be built throughout Germany, but also a large number of reconstruction projects. The focus of the contribution was on the realization of short construction times and simultaneously limited resources with sustainable high quality standards. Especially those bridge types which have a high degree of prefabrication and can be produced in modular construction are suitable for this purpose. These are for example concrete composite bridges with pre-stressed precast concrete elements, steel composite bridges with precast elements as well as bridges using rolled beams in concrete.

All construction methods can be used efficiently, especially for frame constructions as an integral structure without central pillars. By means of various practical examples, the application of the bridge construction solution PONTI was shown which planning concepts bring a corresponding success.


Despite difficult conditions for symposia, the two-day bridge colloquium on September 8 and 9, 2020 was a success. High-quality IT equipment and the generous facilities were essential success factors for the first hybrid event at the TAE in Ostfildern. Around 80 speakers, 90 attendees and 50 online participants had the opportunity to exchange information about new and innovative methods, processes and technologies for the assessment, planning, construction, maintenance and operation of bridges. The use of high quality media technology allowed for full online interaction of all conference participants.

The aim of this well established conference on bridge construction is always the interdisciplinary exchange of experience and knowledge between researchers, planners, owners, operators and industry on new and innovative methods, procedures and technologies in bridge construction. In the foreground are innovative construction methods, manufacturing processes and building materials, both for a replacement of new constructions in the existing traffic network and for the reconstruction and upgrading of existing bridges. The speakers focused on methods and procedures for as-built analysis as well as different approaches for the assessment of the condition, reliability and remaining useful life of bridges. In various contributions, the speakers and participants also discussed the possibilities of monitoring existing structures and the potential of digital planning (BIM).

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