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Mall Of Africa

June 2, 2022
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Mall Of Africa

The new Mall of Africa is the flagship retail development for Atterbury. The scale of the retail project is unprecedented in Africa, and is the largest retail development in Africa done in a single phase. There is 130000m2 of retail space and is the home to over 300 shops and boasts over 6,500 parking bays.

Client: WBHO

Owner: Atterbury Property Group

Location: Allendale, Gauteng, South Africa

Scope of work: Building

Sector: Retail

Contract Period: 28 Months

Contract Value: US$ 155 500 000

Built up area: 550 000m2

Product used: Candy

Interesting Facts:

  • The mall was opened to the public on 28 April 2016 and resulted in heavy traffic congestion along the N1, N3 highways as well as most roads leading towards the area. Some stores had opening day sales that drew hundreds of shoppers into queues extending around the corners of the shops entrance. There were over 100 000 shoppers.
  • The inside decor takes its inspiration from the forests of central Africa, the great lakes in the east of the continent, the oil and trade of the west, the sand of the North African desert and the mineral wealth of southern Africa.

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