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Prefab Production Manager

Prefabrication Production Managers play a vital role in overseeing and coordinating the prefabrication or off-site manufacturing processes. They are required to plan, coordinate and execute the production of prefabricated components or modules to be used in the construction project. Their ability to control prefabrication procedures and standards will further impact the quality of construction. At RIB Software, we have an end-to-end solution for all your precast, prefab and modular construction projects.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s purpose-built software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of every stakeholder within the AEC industry

RIB One Prefab

RIB One Prefab is a production workflow software that automates and digitizes the whole prefabrication production process. It equips Prefabrication Production Managers with essential digital information, enabling seamless monitoring of production across multiple prefab plants and ensuring timely delivery of products according to the schedule.

Utilisation of RIB One Prefab plays a pivotal role in enhancing performance within prefabrication plants. With its BIM integration, Prefabrication Production Managers are able to plan resources in real-time, optimize workflows along the entire prefab supply chain and avoid idle production lines.

  1. Automated feedback processes support quality checks to facilitate continuous product improvement
  2. Utilize digital shopfloors and automation solutions to optimize plant efficiency and achieve maximum output
  3. Harness the power of an intuitive user interface for a clear overview of all projects spanning multiple plants

RIB One Prefab

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