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Finance Manager

Finance Managers play a crucial role in formulating and executing financial strategies for construction projects. Engaged in comprehensive activities, they analyze budgets, forecast cash flows, and evaluate financial risks, offering valuable insights to project stakeholders. These insights enhance the stakeholders’ understanding of a project’s financial landscape, enabling them to identify cost-effective opportunities and make well-informed decisions. At RIB Software, we provide an extensive suite of tools to support finance managers in these endeavors.

What does RIB offer?

RIB’s purpose-built software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of every stakeholder within the AEC industry

RIB BuildSmart

Effective financial management is the backbone of any business and RIB BuildSmart’s feature-rich enterprise accounting software for construction & engineering companies has been developed over 40 years through work with hundreds of large and small contractors. The end result is a construction accounting software built on international industry best practises.

RIB BuildSmart is the only choice for construction accounting software, reporting ALL committed, accrued and actual project cost, by ledger code and activity. This system provides real-time cost management information and integrated enterprise accounts.

  1. Manage multiple companies and currencies with full or partial consolidation
  2. Includes contractor-specific controls for the management of subcontractors, contract debtors, plant and equipment, consumable and non-consumable stock and contract revenue recognition
  3. Dynamic system roles allowing for correct segregation of duties with strict access controls.

RIB BuildSmart

RIB 4.0

RIB 4.0 supports financial managers through precise cost control, detailed financial project planning, cash flow management, integrated financial reporting, and efficient contract and invoice management. The software also facilitates compliance and auditing by providing transparent and traceable financial data.

  1. RIB 4.0 assists finance managers in optimizing the financial control of construction projects, reducing risks, and ensuring efficient, compliant financial management
  2. Cost control and budget monitoring: Precise and project-phase-specific financial control
  3. Financial project planning: Detailed financial forecasts and risk minimization Cash flow management: Ensuring optimal liquidity throughout the project Integrated financial reporting: Comprehensive overview and reporting functions.

RIB 4.0

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