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5 Preconstruction Planning Tips To Optimise Construction

May 9, 2021
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Preconstruction planning has a significant impact on projects when it comes to completing them on time and within budget. Make sure you keep on track with proper preconstruction planning tips.

The success of a project is usually determined before building actually starts. Preconstruction is an essential phase to help dictate the profitability of a project. It helps to identify opportunities that may affect profit margins. Any well-managed construction project requires a clear roadmap right from the start.

Preconstruction planning enables contractors to put the right processes and software in place from the very beginning of a project’s life cycle. This optimises the whole construction process before it even starts.

Proper construction planning can help to improve construction efficiency, reduce wasted time and energy, improve communications, and ensure that you hit the right profit margins. Here are 5 essential tips to follow if you want to boost the success of your project from the very beginning.

Start with a Preconstruction Audit

You may already have a clear preconstruction process in place. But is it adding value to your processes? Doing an audit of your current preconstruction process can help to identify areas of weakness. It helps you to understand how to optimise your preconstruction planning to achieve greater success.

Discuss the planning processes with your whole team to identify pain points and weaknesses. Consider whether your teams work in silos and how effectively you store project information. Identify common mistakes that you can avoid in the future and look into any missed deadlines. Also pay attention to manual tasks, such as data entry, that you could optimise.

 Automate Manual Processes

One of the easiest ways to optimise preconstruction planning is by using the right construction management software. This takes care of time-consuming manual processes. The right software will automate these processes. Thus, it will save time and effort, and boost efficiency.

Construction software can handle all data entry for you. This gives construction teams the ability to handle larger workflows. They can spend more time focusing on important tasks, knowing that the tedious ones are handled.

Manual data entry also leaves room for mistakes. By automating this process with built-for-purpose construction software, you can ensure total accuracy in all the information and formulas used.

Use Cloud-Based Construction Software to Enhance Collaboration

Collaboration and communication are an essential part of effective preconstruction planning. To optimise this, you need to use collaboration-friendly software. Cloud-based construction software allows all the stakeholders of the project to easily access the project data from anywhere at any time.

The right software tool will make sure that everyone is on the same page at all times. This enhances communication and improves collaboration. It makes sure that the entire team can stay on track throughout the entire construction process.

The right software doesn’t just improve accuracy and efficiency. It also allows teams to maximise their skills and expertise during each project.

Enhance Your Estimates with the Right Software

Preconstruction planning should involve a thorough evaluation of your estimates. Making sure that you create accurate construction estimates is one of the key areas for the success of a project. If there are any issues with cost or quantity estimates, it can have a major effect on the project to follow.

Using the right estimation software is essential here. This software should be compatible with any other construction planning tools you use. This will allow for a much smoother construction process.

Enhance Communication from the Start

Successful projects require clear, concise communication for a seamless experience. So, it’s important to employ effective communication practices right from the preconstruction planning phase.

Effective communication channels ensure that the right people can reach each other at all times. It enables people to access the information they need when they need it. Again, choosing a cloud-based construction tool assists this process.

Teams can get in touch with each other no matter where they are. In addition, they will always be able to access the most up to date information.


Identifying weaknesses during preconstruction planning is necessary for a more effective and efficient construction project ahead. With proper planning, contractors have a much greater chance of hitting the right profit margins and keeping the project.

Contractors should put sufficient energy and input into preconstruction planning. It will help ensure that they stick to the schedule and budget.

To optimise your projects and achieve greater success, follow the simple tips above and be sure to check out Candy Cloud. Our Cloud-based Estimating, Planning and Project Control software will ensure that you are always on track!

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